Caring dog adopts four opossums and gives them playful piggy back rides

Vulnerable babies

Just like human babies, animal babies are vulnerable too and they too need the love and attention of their parents all the time to stay safe. Just in time, they get old enough to take care of themselves. However, these opossums in Brazil aren’t lucky enough to have this luxury as their mother was attacked and killed and hence these four adorable opossums were left all alone in the world. However, this wasn’t the end of the world for them as their life took an unexpected turn.

Their luck was good as someone found them and brought them to pet behaviorist Stephanie Maldonado. So she immediately rushed to the nearby rescue group but as expected, it was full. So she decided to take care of them on her own but little did she know that her dog Pretinha would stop and practically adopt them. The dog became the mother they never had and took care of them and since they babies are unable to move their bodies unless they are at least 10 or 11 weeks old, the dog helped them.

Keeping the babies all cozy and warm was a more difficult task than what Maldonado thought at first. However, the dog proved to be of great help and since the babies had to be fed every two hours so it was a difficult task indeed. Maldonado had to get up at night several times just to make sure that the babies are well fed and are sleeping peacefully. She had to use a medical syringe to feed the babies. With dog’s help, it became somewhat easier and the babies survived and Pretinha and Maldonado are now local celebrities everybody loves them for what they have done


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