Dog On ‘Kill List’ Couldn’t Stop Hugging His Rescuer Who Saved Him At The Last Minute

Nothing compares with being saved at the last moment! A 2-year-old Beagle, who was diagnosed with heartworm, had a fate that comes to many other sick shelter dogs which is euthanasia for the lack of their medical expenses!

Ohio’s Franklin County Dog Shelter’s workers had no other choice to do but to but Gregory on the euthanasia-list, so, they were completely heartbroken. But the fate had another opinion! Joe Kirk, an animal lover, came to rescue the dog just in time before the deadline after seeing a post on social media!

Joe drove for more than 2 hours to bring Gregory home, where he took care of him and gave him the proper medical treatment before being adopted! He will be completely healthy soon, and will be ready for adoption!

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