Ohio Judge Is Fed Up With Animal Abusers, Decides To Force Them To Spend A Day In Filth

When it comes to animal abusing it seems awfully painful. In such situations, animals could be helped by rescues and organizations, however they could not do anything when it comes to the laws. Before Michael Cicconetti an animal lover became judge.
Cicconetti is from Painesville, Ohio. He decided to give out inventive punishments that fit the crimes of inflicting and abusing animals, after he had fed up of seeing these abusers didn't get what they deserve.   


The judge decided on an offender woman who left her puppy living in filth should be forced to spend a day in filth as well to think about what she did to that dog while she smell the odor.
Another guilty who abandoned thirty-five kittens in the woods was received a punishment of spending one night there by herself to feel the horrible situation as she did to the poor kittens.
In the point of view of Judge Cicconetti, he hopes that by using these resourceful and clever punishments, abusers will stop doing their cruelty. What do you think? Watch the video above to have more information.
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