Pregnant Cow Jumps Off Truck While It's On The Way To Slaughterhouse, Trying To Save Her Baby

One of the most adorable things for moms is when they see their newborn baby after a hard pregnancy! It just the same with animals. This pregnant cow, Brianna, was taken to a slaughterhouse, which means the end of her life!


It was obvious that Brianna knew what the situation means, so, she jumped off the truck in the middle of busy highway! Thankfully, she was met by some cops, who were able to help her, and take her to the Skylands Animal Sanctuary Rescue.

Unfortunately, the cow had some bad injuries because of the jump, so, the vets were worried about the baby’s health! Thankfully, she gave birth to a healthy female calf! The rescuers named her Winter. How adorable! Watch the video above to have more information.

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