Their Dog's Body Burnt From House Fire, Then Vets Tries A New Medication

This story speaks about an Alaskan dog called Archer who was caught in a fire in a home and tried to be out, but no avail. The firefighters tried to save him from the flames that he was covered in when they arrived at the home, but the dog ran away fearing from them, thankfully they then found him near the ocean after the fire.


So, they directly took the dog to the nearest emergency vet, but they took a lot of time to find one as they were in a remote location. Archer's plight was heard by a television star who decided to get involved and helped him. The dog was taken 7 hours away from the vet and transferred to the celebrity vet.
Star of a television show called the National Geographic WILD, Dr. Michelle Oakley, took over care when the dog was stabilized, and he shared that the pup's ears and head looked like it had been skinned.
Oakley then contacted burn specialist at the University of California, Davis, for input, as Archer would need more intensive treatment. They decided to give Archer tilapia fish skins, that promotes healing by helping transfer collagen to the damaged skin.
Thankfully, Archer the Dragonslayer was survived in the help of the community and Oakley who were able to raise funds to cover his costs. In addition to the fish skin, attention and the love. Watch the video above to have more information.
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