11 Times When Autocorrect Hilariously Ruined People’s Day

If there is one thing that has changed our lives in more ways than we can possibly imagine, it’s technology. It doesn’t matter who we are, it seems as if we are constantly attached to our electronic devices. We use them for all types of communication, looking up things on the Internet and sometimes, listening to music or watching videos. It also provides us with the opportunity to text message other people, which has become very popular and is quickly taking over when it comes to how we go back and forth with each other. Although we may use text messages for the majority of our conversations, there is a problem with it that causes issues we might not recognize at first. I’m talking about AutoCorrect, and it is the bane of our existence. In theory, it should work very well and should keep us from making a blunder that would cause confusion. When you look below the surface, however, you realize that AutoCorrect is a good idea but it is very bad when it comes to implementing it. When we type something incorrectly, it is supposed to make the correction for us but this form of technology is far from perfect. AutoCorrect can be a problem for anyone but it is especially a problem for older individuals who are trying to keep up with technology. Thankfully, however, there are other people on the other side of the story and they take screenshots so we all can get a good laugh at their mistakes. Here are 11 conversations that went hilariously wrong. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11