12 Nuns Prepare To Do A Zumba Act That Will Leave You In Stitches

Most of us who think about nuns probably think about women who are straightlaced, dress in black and try to keep themselves from mingling with the world. We might also think about women who are part of a religious order and attempt to follow it as closely as they can. Some of them are known for being very rigid and they tend to follow certain ideas, regardless of your thoughts on them and they do them to the letter. They are a dedicated group of individuals, trying to stick to what they believe in so that they can live their lives in that way. Although that may be true, you are about to find out that they can also have some fun every once in a while. Most of us would not ever think about a nun breaking out of the typical mold and doing something that would set them apart from others. As you are about to see, however, a group of women do exactly that and they do it in the funniest way possible. When you see them standing up at the beginning of the video, you will probably recognize them as being nuns because of their outfits. By the time they are finished, however, they have basically broken every stereotype that has ever been written on the subject. In fact, you may just be a little bit amazed when you see what they do together.
These women show that they are dedicated to what they believe but they still are able to have a good time one doing it. They also put on a show for everyone in the audience. The routine was choreographed to a Zumba routine but it is put to the music of a traditional hymn. They certainly are not sticking with the original, however, because they use the catchy tune to move to the beat. It starts out slowly but quickly builds to something a lot better.
The movements are slow at the beginning and they match their movements to the music but as the music picks up the pace, they pick up the pace as well. It isn’t long before they are putting on a performance that has everybody applauding. When the music finally kicks into high gear, they start jumping back and forth and you can tell that they are enjoying themselves.
The song begins to take things to the next level and they are jumping back and forth excitedly. The best part of the entire performance, however, has got to be the energy that they display. They may be different ages but they all are on the same page.
Even though things start out slow, they are thrilling the audience by the time it is over. They show that you can be straightlaced and still have a good time. Watch the routine for yourself in the video.