13 Unethical Brands People Swear They’ll Never Do Business with Again

While we all understand that a business only exists to make its owner or stockholders money, there are some who cross the line when it comes to unethical behavior. These companies have a reputation for things like harming the environment, abusing workers, and even cheating customers. Some folks decided they had enough and swore never to spend another cent with these brands. Interestingly, when enough people do this, companies tend to change their tunes pretty quickly. Below are 13 companies many people will no longer do business with because of their unsavory business practices.

1. Lumber Liquidators

2. Zara

3. Amazon

4. Any MLM (Multilevel Marketing) Company

5. Chiquita Brands International

6. Dollskill

7. Nestlé

8. Sinful Colors Nail Polish

9. Anything Associated with Kardashian or Jenner

10. Lenovo

10 Fashion Nova

12. Ticketmaster 

13. Walmart

Do you have a company or companies that have lost your business due to their behavior? Let us know in the comments and please be sure to pass this story along to your friends and family?