14-Year-Old Takes Old 1974 Camper And Gives It A Gorgeous Transformation

Have you ever spent any time watching HGTV? Like many people, you probably enjoy watching the shows where the hosts find a home, tear it up on the inside and then build it into something awesome. Perhaps you have even considered doing something like this yourself, although I would have to say, it isn’t always as easy as they show on TV. Often, there are challenges that must be overcome and sometimes even deadlines that must be met. A 14-year-old teenager named Ellie Yeater decided to do some of this work herself, and the results were better than anyone expected. Ellie started by buying a 1974 camper for $200. It was run down and needed a lot of work, both on the outside and on the inside. Since Ellie was funding the project with her own money, she knew that she had to be frugal but at the same time, she wanted to transform it into something that will be absolutely amazing. As you look down through the pictures below, provided by Woodworking Adventures, you can see the transformation of the camper from something old to something new. It just might inspire you to try something like this yourself. Ellie Yeater was only 14 years old when she decided to spend her summer vacation doing something unusual. She bought an old camper and transformed it into her own ‘glamper’. Teenagers tend to spend their summer vacations taking trips with their parents or perhaps just lounging around the home. Ellie knew that she could do something awesome this summer, and she accomplished it with flying colors. I’ll have to admit, the camper was not all that beautiful when she got started. It was old on the outside and the inside was crying to be updated. Ellie found the old camper for $200 and the first thing she did was to gut the entire interior. She fixed some of the little things inside the camper but the floors were scraped entirely. Some of her family members just happened to be handy individuals. Her grandfather gave her a hand and her father taught her how to take care of some of the difficult aspects of tearing down a structure and rebuilding it. The first thing she did was to paint the outside of the camper a beautiful color of blue called ‘mystic sea’. She then started on the inside, painting every square inch of it pink and adding light blue to give it a unique flair. Peel and stick tiles were used on the floor, and it covered over the old floor nicely. Things were really starting to shape up! Every square inch of the interior of the camper was covered, painted or somehow redone. She even started to add some personal touches to the project. The curtains and little napkins were provided by her grandmother as a kind contribution. When it was finished, it was much improved. There are so many cool little accents from pillows to hanging lights that really make it unique. There are even some retrofitted elements, including a vintage camera and an old electric fan. It may look like a new camper, but it still has that retro feel in some ways. The glamper is now a reality and she can use it to get some studying done, to get away from the rat race or perhaps to have friends over. Ellie used her own money, some help from the family and plenty of creativity to create something awesome.