15 Beloved Poverty Meals People Still Eat No Matter How Much Money They Make Today

It doesn’t matter if you grew up poor or if your family was very thrifty, chances are we’ve all had a cheap meal in our childhood we still think of fondly. While that inexpensive meal might strike others as odd, it can be somewhat comforting for us. 

In fact, it might be something you still enjoy to this day! My father, who grew up in the 50s, used to love eating po’boy sandwiches with lunchmeat. Even today, it’s something he still enjoys eating. As for me, I used to love Vienna sausages with mustard and crackers and King Vitamin cereal (an off-brand Captin Crunch only folks on food stamps bought).

 The question of people’s favorite "poverty meal” showed up in a Reddit thread that soon went viral as folks sent in all kinds of foods only folks who grew up poor could relate to. Below are a few examples of people’s favorite "poverty meals” that they still enjoy eating.


1. Steak Fingers

2. Stew or Soup for dinner

3. Dal

4. Butter Noodles

5. Toast

6. Potatoes with Margarine and Salt

7. Ghetto Mac

8. English Muffin Pizza

9. Mexi-Mac

10. Peanut Butter Sandwich

11. Pancakes

12. Rice and Beans

13. Saltines with Cream Cheese

14. Poor Man’s Swedish Meatballs

15. Squash and Eggs

 Do you have some favorite poverty meals you still enjoy? Let us know in the comments. And please, be so kind as to pass this story along to your friends and family?