2 Women Rob Mementos From Graves, So Cemetery Teaches Them A Lesson

People will leave mementos on the graves of their loved ones – and tragically there are some low life people who go around and steal them! The two women in this story were caught recently stealing mementos from New London’s Grove Street Cemetery in Ohio. 

 One of the victims was heartbroken to find out that the heirlooms she had just put on the graves of her family were gone! One item was a flower pot she had given her father in 1977 – it was priceless. The cemetery’s surveillance cameras caught the two thieves as they went around and took whatever they wanted. The two women were identified and charged with theft – wait until you hear what position one woman held in the community! Take a look at this video


What is even more shocking to me is that the women were elderly! I thought older people would have more respect for other people’s property. Share away, people.