3-Week-Old Dies In Dog Attack After Being Left Alone With Family’s Three Pit Bulls

Her parents left her alone in their Grand Rapids home with the family dog – they were only gone for five minutes. When they returned, they saw that she had been bitten by the dog. The pit bull was standing next to the 3-week-old infant, Susannah, – with blood around its mouth. 

 The baby wasn’t just bitten, she was attacked! Susannah was rushed her to the hospital, where she later died. This story just goes to show you that you should never leave an infant alone with any animal. Susannah was laying in her bouncer, and her parents were just outside on the porch. It doesn’t take much for the very healthy dog to critically injure an infant. Take a look at their dogs According to police, there were three pit bulls in the home, and none of them were contained. Any dog is capable of biting a child, don’t leave your baby alone with your dog (period). Share away, people.