4 Easy Steps To Teach Your Dog Almost Anything

Did you know that you can teach your dog some new tricks or absolutely everything? This happens when teaching your dog some basics. Some skills are very complex to train but then not impossible. The same process is followed each time when undergoing the process of training. Once you can learn these processes, then you can teach your dog anything you want.

If you have any problem training your dog, you can ask for advice from any dog trainer and try to understand how dogs learn and also the tools to use for the process to be comfortable and productive. Let’s familiarise ourselves with the following simple steps on how to teach your puppy to do anything.

Decide what you want to train them.
This step is very crucial. If you haven’t decided what you want to train your dog, then it will be tough for it to figure out on its own. Also, please don’t focus on what you want your dog to stop doing but start training it in a certain way.

It would be best if you stopped training it in the absence of anything instead give your dog the norm of behavior that is so different from any unneeded action. Some of the things you need to start training your dog are how to handle fear, leash reactivity, and also their anxiety. Consult any dog certified dog trainer if, by any chance, you are struggling with the stated behavior.

A lot of people like training their dogs on how to sit down while greeting people, also to open their refrigerator and grab them a beer or how to walk with their pace. Some of these actions are very hard to train, but you will need to approach it with a straightforward attitude.

Make the behavior happen.
To make a behavior happen, you must enforce some creativity for it to be successful. Training your dog how to sit down happens more regularly then even your dog learning how to walk on a loose rein. There are various ways to reinforce behavior in a dog for it to happen.

  • Environmental set-up
    Set an environment that gives your dog a natural way of performing it. With the help of the environmental set-up, your dog will be encouraged to move or stay in a specific way.
  • Lure the behavior
    Instruct your dog into a movement or a position using a lure. You can do it easily with a toy or their favorite food. A dog will fall for a food lure since they can smell it from a distance.
  • Shape the behavior.
    This is an enjoyable and fantastic method used in dog training. Shaping means taking the behavior and slicing it something manageable. For instance, training your dog to grab a beer from the fridge will require you to break the action into a less complicated action.Also, you can use dog training collars to shape your dog’s behavior in that they will be able to sit down when there is a visitor or stop barking unnecessarily.

Mark and reinforce the behavior.
The more you strengthen the behavior by using a lure, the more the dog will repeat it. It is our responsibility to reinforce the behavior so that the dog can perform it more often or when asked. Note that when a dog is learning how to perform an act, mark the behavior with either a yes or a click, and then lure them. Repeat the same more often until the dog gets used to the action.

The mark is used to show the drug which action will get them a treat. The lack of using a make can be hard while reinforcing a behavior but then not impossible.

Practice and generalize the behavior.
Once you are done with the above steps, it all comes down to repeating and practicing the behavior. You are supposed to use environments that are not busy at all, and then after some time, use a more active environment before moving to a harder situation.

A loose leash is better while walking home than when you are in the local park. Once you have perfected the basis of your training move to more complicated behaviors for your dog. With generalization, when your dog is learning a new practice, it will have in mind that it is rewarding no matter how complicated the action is.

By following the outlined easy steps above, you’ll come to realize that you can train your dog anything you want to be provided, it is capable of performing it. Training your puppy means you can teach them to avoid unwanted behaviors around people such as sitting down when a visitor is around that jumps on them.