5 Doctors Hold A Sheet And Sing A Song That Has Everyone In Hysterics

The human body is truly amazing and the more we learn about what takes place within us, the more we appreciate it. That being said, it can also be a very frightening experience when something goes wrong. It doesn’t matter if it is our heart, lungs, eyes, or any other part of the body, we want them all to operate properly. After all, they work together as a system that helps us to stay alive every day.

What is the first thing you do when you have a problem with your health? If you are like most people, you will seek the advice of a trained and qualified professional. Thos doctors are there to help us get well again and will work along with the medical staff to ensure you are back on your feet again. When we visit those professionals, we would expect them to act professionally. The group you are about to see are professionals but along with being serious, they also not afraid to make you laugh. Just watch this music video and see for yourself.

The group is known as the Laryngospasms and their specialty is musical parodies. They were all in school together studying to get their nurse’s degree and started singing to overcome the fear associated with exam week. This performance was at the Minneapolis School of Anesthesia student Christmas party.

They might not be serious on the stage but they are professionals through and through. Their parody was to the popular song, ‘Breaking up is Hard to do’.

Who would have expected such a funny routine?

They have been performing for many years but now, they are back together in their scrubs for a new song.

The music starts off softly but after dropping the sheet, the spin the classic in their own way. I guess funny never goes out of style

Watch them perform in this video: