Six People Types Should Never Drink Beer As Doctors Said

Many people who drink consider beer an important part of their life routine! Actually, approximately 28 gallons of beer is what a person over 20 years in the US consumes yearly, according to Beer Info. Anyway, not all people can drink beer, and this has nothing to do with its taste. Continue reading to know what a doctor says about humans who do not have to drink beer.


People do not ever think about the sugar content of the beer when they drink it! Actually, sugar is not always listed as an ingredient, but when the yeast ferments the grains, the sugar is naturally created.


A gastroenterologist, MD, at Mount Sinai, Dr. Jonathon Kung, says that beer can be the reason for hypoglycemia, that is very dangerous, or a fast increase in insulin in a fasting state. It can also cause a fast rise in patient blood sugar.

Doctor measuring obese man waist body fat. Obesity and weight loss

Staying away from the beer can also help people lose weight. Kung also says that beer has small nutritional value with at least 100-200 calories, which is also dangerous.


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Men, who drink 17 ounces of beer or more every day, are at the risk of not losing weight, according to a study by Nutrients. So, if you are looking to lose weight, stop drinking beer and drink water instead.

bad bowel

Beer can also cause digestive problems in the future for gluten-free-diets people, so, it is better for them to cut back beer from their diets as gluten is often in the ingredients, according to Kung. However, if you are among these people but you love drinking, you can drink beers that do not contain gluten.

liver disease

Irritable-bowel syndrome people can suffer stomach issues because of the beer which is not good for them. Furthermore, diarrhea, gas, and bloating are often caused by beer, that can also cause abdominal pain that leads to fluid retention, or at least irritates the wall of the gut.

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If you have cirrhosis or liver disease, stopping drinking beer is something you should do as the beer can cause a shortage in liver function. Kung also adds that avoiding beer should be among the foods, that are fat and high or acidic, you avoid in order to prevent heartburn.


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