77-Year-Old Grandmother Quickly Turns The Tables On 3 Men Who Try To Mug Her At ATM

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about an older woman? If you are like most people, you think about a frail individual that typically relies on the help of others in order to get by. 

Yes, we all know it isn’t true, but sometimes that’s the image that first pops into our head. As you are about to see, however, older women are not always a frail individual that shuffles their feet as they move slowly across the room. In fact, you may just see that there are times when they are quite capable of taking care of themselves. I think all of us would probably agree that we would not want to mess with grandma. Even if we happen to be a lot younger than she is, we still have respect for her abilities, not to mention the fact that we typically have a lot of affection for our grandmothers as well. At times, they may even be able to earn the respect of others, not only because they are a wise individual but because they have some very special skills.

As you are about to see in this video, three young men are going to find out very quickly that older women still have a lot to offer when it comes to putting up a fight. The 77-year-old grandmother in this video needed a little bit of money at the end of the day so she stopped by the ATM to get some cash. This is when things took a turn for the worse because three young men were waiting for her. Their names are Piper Dumitru, Florin Geblescu, and Felix Stoica. Rather than getting the money from her, they got a little bit of justice and now they are in prison. Even though this British grandmother is 77 years old, she certainly isn’t a pushover when it comes to dealing with thugs. She was beginning her transaction and realized that somebody was coming up to her right.

 He came up and pushed her, taking her off balance. She then saw another man behind her and it invoked a memory. The men were coming out from the bank earlier that day and she saw them. As the second man tried to pull £200 from her account, things changed very quickly. He tried to grab the money but she grabbed him by the collar and pushed his head into the ATM machine. She then got in another three hits before they were able to take off. After reporting it, they were apprehended quickly. Stoica still had blood on his face so they were able to pick him up very easily. Now they are in jail, although she thought they could probably just use a good talking to.

 The woman doesn’t claim to be somebody who roams the streets, looking for justice. "They did not care about how this would affect me. I would definitely say this has changed my life, I will never have the confidence I once did. I only hope my confidence returns.” I think she should have confidence and her story is inspirational to many. Let’s just hope that the mark she left on these three young thugs leaves an impression on them they will forget.