77-Years-Old Janitor Kept Secret For Decades Until School Staff Finds Out And Confronts Her

It’s sometimes easier to keep a secret for several years than it is to let others know about something that could be heartbreaking. A janitor at a school is 77 years old and has been keeping something to himself for a few decades. The school finally learns about what she is hiding and confronts her about the details. Frances Buzzard works at the school and doesn’t ask for much.


She simply goes about her business each day, cleaning the hallways and making sure the classrooms are also clean and organized at the end of the day. The teachers, students, and other staff thought that her age might keep her from doing a few things, but they could look over these details as long as she did her basic duties. Once she started working, she showed them that she was far from a 77-year-old woman. Frances continued to go about her typical duties at the school that most other janitors would perform. She took the time to make all of the furniture shine.

 Everyone in the school noticed her superb work ethic. They were all proud of her efforts and knew that she was a hard worker. Unfortunately, Frances was keeping a secret that no one expected to learn about. Although she tried to keep it from getting out, few secrets are kept forever as someone eventually finds out the details. The principal was doing some research about the woman’s background and learned about the secret that she was keeping. There was no option but to ask Frances about the details. Frances was asked to go to the cafeteria in the school one day. She was surprised because she didn’t know if something needed to be cleaned or if she was in trouble. Frances knew that most of the students and the teachers were supposed to be in the auditorium for a special program, so she didn’t know if there was another job that she needed to do in the kitchen while they were gone or not. When she entered the cafeteria, she was not expecting what awaited her. Almost all of the students and the staff had gathered in the cafeteria to give her a birthday celebration.


The principal learned that Frances had never really had a birthday party. They wanted to make sure she had a day that she would remember for years to come. They also wanted Frances to know that they appreciated everything that she does for the school. There were cupcakes and other treats, and everyone sang a song for her. Frances was also greeted with a slideshow of special events in her life. She was very happy that someone found out the secret she had been hiding.