A Man Gets A Blessing And A Curse From A Catholic Priest

While we're having issues at home, there are regularly instances while we will ask an out of doors man or woman for assistance. this may be a therapist or maybe a spiritual chief, but we are hoping that they may be capable of assist. One younger girl decided to enlist the assist of a Roman Catholic priest while she and her husband have been having troubles. It was a critical situation because they weren’t capable of conceive but she was hoping for some assist. They now and again say which you must be careful what you wish for because you might simply get it. That came thru loud and clean inside the following shaggy dog story and it's miles one in an effort to go away you laughing. A Roman Catholic priest is on his way to Rome when he runs into an old childhood friend. “My goodness, Mary!” he says. “How have you been?” “Oh, could be better,” she says. “My husband Robert and I have been trying to have children for fifteen years, but we are barren.” “I’m so sorry,” says the priest. “I’m on a pilgrimage to Rome, and I promise to light a candle for you in the great cathedral.” Mary thanks him, and after chatting a little longer, they part ways. Five years later, the priest is eating dinner when there’s a knock at his door. He opens it, and to his surprise, it’s Mary’s husband, Robert. “I’m so glad I found you!” he exclaims. “Remember that candle you lit for Mary, years ago? Well, Mary and I now have two sets of twins and a set of triplets — and I just found out she’s pregnant with quadruplets!” Robert then hands the priest an all-expenses paid ticket to Rome. “Oh my, Robert!” says the priest. “Your joy is my joy. You didn’t need to give me a thank-you gift.” “Oh no, it’s not a thank you,” says Robert. “It’s so you can blow out that candle.”