About 35 Percent of People Are Unable To Tell How Many Girls Are In This Picture. Can You?

Photography is a fascinating science. To think that just a few hundred years ago, the practice would have been considered witchcraft. But did you know that the concept of photography has been around since the 5th century? It’s believed that an Iraqi scientist invented something called the camera obscure around the 11th century. However, his invention did not capture images but rather projected objects onto other surfaces. The science of photography that we know today started in France in the late 1930s when Joseph Nicéphore Niépce utilized a portable camera obscure to expose a pewter plate that was coated with bitumen to light. This represented the first recorded image that did not quickly fade away. While photography, both the old fashioned kind and the new digital variety, both can capture and preserve important moments in our lives, sometimes they can also be used to really mess with our heads! Using simple tricks such as light and shadow, photographers can create some pretty mind-bending illusions that that will make your head spin! In this photo, we see an image with quite a few girls in it. The challenge is to figure out just how many girls are in the photo. Around 65 percent of people usually arrive at the correct answer, so you have a pretty good chance to get it right. However, it’s not quite as simple as it may seem. Take a careful look at the picture and then tell us in the comments how many you counted. I think our readers are pretty sharp, and we expect them to blow that 65 percent average out of the water! Take the test below and see how well you do.