After Losing Baby Girl, Woman Looks At Son’s Ultrasound And Sees Her Face

The loss of a child is one of the most painful and heartbreaking experiences any parent can endure. To give life only to have that life snatched away is absolutely devastating, and any parent knows just how much they would grieve should their children be lost. This heart-wrenching blow was delivered to Bode Miller. You may recognize his name, as he is an athletic Olympic skier and an incredible athlete. You may even recognize his wife, Morgan, who is a professional volleyball player and a model. The couple, who married back in 2012, were expecting their third child together and Bode’s personal fifth, due to be a son, when a horrible tragedy struck.   While playing in their neighbor’s home in Coto de Caza, Orange County, their daughter Emeline Grier, or Emmy, who was only 19 months old, fell into the pool and lost her life. This occurred in June 2018, after a fun-filled day involving a birthday party. It was a brutal blow to both parents, who were preparing for the arrival of their son.   Morgan no longer felt eager to look forward to the family’s continued future without their little Emmy. But just five days after their daughter’s passing, Morgan had to go for a scheduled prenatal checkup. Understandably, she didn’t feel quite up to it. To her, the idea of carrying on into a future devoid of her beloved daughter was far too painful to fathom – akin to a dagger to her chest.   Reluctantly, Morgan allowed an ultrasound technician to perform the needed checkup and to check on her son’s growth. The technician was able to get a pretty good angle by luck, and he offered to take a three-dimensional image of the baby growing in Morgan’s body. Not particularly interested in her state of grief, Morgan said no. The technician decided to take one anyway, simply because he had a highly close-up and very clear image of the developing boy.   Later on, Morgan decided to look properly at this picture of the ultrasound and was absolutely shocked by what she saw. Goosebumps formed over his skin as she peered closely at the image. Her son’s lips were full, his nose cute and sweet, and he looked somewhat like his father, but these things we’re Morgan’s main focus. Instead, Morgan’s eyes were drawn to the right side of her little son’s face. Holding on her son was the image of a little baby angel who looked just like their lost Emmy. She had her arms tenderly wrapped around him in an embrace, as though saying she was there to watch over him and her family.   Morgan and Bode welcomed their son on the 5th of October 2018 at 1:34 pm. The parents, who also have an eldest son named Nash Skan, 3, are happy to carry on to this new chapter of their lives, just four months after Emmy’s passing. With that beautiful ultrasound image in mind, they know that their baby girl is watching over them.