Airline Tells Dad With Newborn To Stay Off Plane But Woman Says ‘You’re Coming With Me’

Many people dream about the time when they will have children in their lives. They may think about it from the time that they are very young but when the moment actually comes, they may find that it’s not a possibility. For some, it is a matter of heading off to the hospital, delivering the child and bringing the child home, but for Ruben Swift and his wife, it was a completely different story. They decided that they would adopt but it didn’t happen quickly. Ruben got the news about his newborn child and unlike those who had to drive across town to the hospital, he had to get in a plane and travel over 2000 miles to get custody of her. It was a dream come true for him and his wife but there was an airline employee who almost put an end to everything temporarily. Funny how Ruben and his wife went through so many tests and background checks and then a single employee who made a split-second decision caused so much stress in their lives. It took time but when they were approved to be adoptive parents they were thrilled. They weren’t sure if they would have a son or a daughter but they were willing to wait. The agency called and told them that a baby girl was waiting for them and they couldn’t have been happier.
The problem was, the Swifts live in Cleveland, Ohio. The baby, on the other hand was all the way down in Arizona. Ruben didn’t hesitate, he got on the plane and went down to meet his new daughter. Before doing so, he also contacted the airline to make sure that there weren’t going to be any problems with traveling home since he would have a newborn at that time. “I explained to the airline, I was going to fly back with her. They told me the policy was to make sure that I had some kind of documentation from the hospital saying she was clear to fly. I got all that.” – Rubin Swift. The airline told him that it wouldn’t be a problem so he headed off to Phoenix. When he got there, a nurse named Joy was taking care of the baby. The baby had been in the hospital for four days, waiting for Ruben to arrive. Joy looked after her during that time. Although she regularly works with newborn children, she seemed to have a special bond with the little girl. She told Ruben that he was doing a good thing when he adopted the little girl. Before long, they bonded but he had to run off and head home. He thanked her and was on his way. Ruben got to the airport and it wasn’t long before problems started. The airline informed him that his daughter was unable to get onto the plane. Newborns had to be at least seven days old before flying according to airline policy. Even though he told the employee that it was verified beforehand, she wasn’t willing to check into it further. Ruben wasn’t sure what to do but then he remembered the nurse that was so kind to him. He called Joy and told her about all of the problems he was having. She didn’t bat an eye. She jumped in the car and was at the airport within 10 minutes. Ruben and his daughter would have a place to stay. Joy had unexpected company for a few days but she was more than happy to share some time with them. When it came time for Ruben and his new daughter to leave, Joy was a little sad but he assured her that the entire family would visit her again. More can be seen in this video: