Airline Turns Plane Around And Alerts Mom Her Son Is In Danger

We all would like to live life without any real problems but unfortunately, there are issues that come our way from time to time. We may even find that we are in the middle of a perfectly normal situation when suddenly, our lives change permanently. That is something that one woman, named Peggy experienced when she got on a plane. It was heading from Chicago to Columbus and during the preboarding announcements, she turned her phone off. Little did she know that her life would change drastically while she was on that flight.

We often hear stories about airlines and they are not always put in the best light. Customer service is typically lacking but in this case, there is something good to report. It comes from the fine people at Southwest Airlines and they were able to come through for this customer with flying colors. As it turns out, Peggy’s son was back in Denver in a coma. That is where the family lives. Her husband was trying to call her but she wasn’t able to hear because her phone was already turned off. He called the airline and informed them of what was happening.

Once the airline heard what it happened, they began working on the situation immediately. The pilots were contacted and they found out what had happened to Peggy’s son. The plane had not yet taken off so it stopped on the tarmac and a taxi drove out to the airline to pick up Peggy. She was taken to the gate and was able to speak with her husband directly.

Peggy didn’t fly to Ohio that day, she flew to Denver. Southwest Airlines made all of the arrangements to reschedule her flight and didn’t charge her a penny. She also was given a private waiting area so that she could board the plane before other passengers. When she stepped off the plane in Denver, they even had a packed lunch waiting and her luggage showed up on time.

It’s nice when people decide to do something good and Southwest Airlines came through.