Airline Won’t Let Dad And Newborn Get On Plane So Elderly Woman Tells Him, “You’re Coming With Me”

What would you do for your child? Many of us would be quick to say that there really were no limits when it came to how far we go to ensure they were happy, healthy and safe. Sometimes, we may even hear about a situation where somebody went above and beyond and we look at them with admiration. That is where Rubin Swift finds himself. Rubin had a newborn child and he was granted full custody of the baby. In order to have his new child by his side, he went the distance. Not only was it the distance in a figurative sense, he traveled more than 2000 miles to get his new child. The problem was, when he was attempting to come back home, and airline decided that it was not going to happen. What happened next is incredible. The decision to adopt a child was something that Rubin and his wife had been thinking about for quite some time. They went through a lot of tests and checks to make sure they qualified.
It cost a lot of money but in the end, they were approved to become parents to an adopted child. They didn’t know if it would be a son or a daughter but they continued to wait. Finally, the agency called and said there was a baby girl that was waiting for them.
The baby was in Phoenix, Arizona and the Swifts lived in Cleveland, Ohio. The distance did not make a difference to them. Rubin jumped on a plane, excited to see his new daughter. He knew that he was about ready to be a family of three and he wasn’t going to let anything stand in his way. He even called the airline to verify that a newborn baby could travel on the plane. “I explained to the airline, I was going to fly back with her. They told me the policy was to make sure that I had some kind of documentation from the hospital saying she was clear to fly. I got all that.” – Rubin Swift.
After determining that everything would go fine, he flew to Phoenix. He got his daughter from the hospital. She was being held by a nurse named Joy.
The little girl was only four days old and Joy had been looking after her that entire time. She had become very attached to the child. Joy was excited when she met the new father. She said that the decision to adopt was a wonderful choice and they bonded quickly. Rubin would have enjoyed staying and talking to the nurse for quite some time but he knew that the mother was waiting. He thanked Joy and was on his way. It wasn’t exactly smooth sailing because Rubin had a problem at the airport.
It was determined that his daughter could not get on the plane. The policy was for babies to be at least seven days old before they could fly. Rubin let them know he had verified with the airline before but the flight attendants were not following up on it. They just said that he could not take the daughter on the plane. Rubin was now stuck in a strange city and quite emotional. He had the fatherhood experience but how was he going to get through it? That is when he remembered the nurse, Joy from the hospital. He called the hospital to get Joy’s cell phone number. After talking to them about the situation, they sympathized and gave it. Rubin filled her in on the situation and was having a difficult time not crying. She then told him that she would help him. She said she was heading for her car right away and would pick them up. In about 10 minutes, she was at the airport and the two of them would have a place to stay.
Joy enjoyed having company over the next few days. Rubin was a great houseguest.
Joy was even sad to see them go but he promised her that he and his wife would come back to visit. He was very thankful for her kindness.