Angry Bus Driver Kicks All Passengers off Bus for Refusing to Make Room for Man in Wheelchair

Can you imagine being a bus driver? I’ve never driven a bus, but it’s well-known that bus drivers put up with a lot from passengers. They work long hours and tolerate plenty of bad behavior from all types of riders. Most people who ride public transportation are just trying to mind their own business and get from work to home (or elsewhere), but there are definitely some rude customers and just plain jerks sometimes. Yet you rarely see a bus driver lose their cool. They’re always there, getting their passengers safely where they need to go, but usually silent and just focused on the road ahead.

A bus driver in Paris, France recently lost his cool completely and threw everyone off of his bus. His reason for doing so is totally understandable. A man in a wheelchair, François Le Berre, was trying to take the bus one day and he was having a hard time getting on the bus because the other bus drivers refused to move to make it easier for him. Le Berre has multiple sclerosis and uses a wheelchair to get around everywhere. Public transportation in Paris is accessible to wheelchair-bound people, but it does require the other passengers on the bus to at least move out of the way to let them board.

As Le Berre attempted to get on the bus, the other passengers were reluctant to move, and it created things unnecessarily difficult for the man. He couldn’t board the bus even with the access ramp because the people wouldn’t move out of the way. The bus driver wasn’t having it, however. When he saw what was going on, he lost his cool and used his authority to have everyone on the bus to leave immediately. The other riders had no choice but to comply. Then, the driver cleared a path for Le Berre to board the bus. Meanwhile, the bus driver wasn’t done with the rude riders.The bus driver told the other riders that they might someday need a wheelchair to get around and he hoped for their sake, they’d be treated more kindly. Then, he told them to wait for the next bus. As for Le Berre, he was slightly amused by the incident. When he posted about it to Facebook, a lot of people noticed it and praised the anonymous bus driver.