Apparently All Jeeps Have a Hidden Easter Egg and We Can’t Stop Looking

When you hear the term “Easter Egg,” you may think of bunnies and a Sunday in (usually) April. However, for some folks, an Easter egg is something that’s used to mean a hidden object of some sort. Specifically, Easter eggs are hidden features or surprises in films, video games, electronics, or even products. The term used in this way was coined by Steve Wright in about 1979. At that time, he was the Director of Software Development for Atari and it was used to describe a hidden message in Adventure, an Atari video game. Since then, the term and the concept have been used by companies around the world to add some intrigue to their products. The latest new knowledge that we’re loving is that if you’re a Jeep owner, your vehicle has an Easter egg. Apparently, all Jeeps have a hidden symbol or shape somewhere on them and it completely delights their owners. Recently, people have started sharing photos and videos of the Easter eggs they find in their Jeeps and it’s crazy. As it turns out, the Easter eggs on Jeeps are very discreet so when people find them, they’re understandably excited. So if you own a Jeep, you probably just want to run outside right now to find your own Easter egg, but read up first so that you’ll have an idea what you’re looking for. As it turns out, these cute little flip flop Easter eggs are fairly common, and a lot of Jeep owners report finding them on their vehicles. Here’s an example of an Easter egg in a Jeep. The Easter egg in this woman’s Jeep is shaped like a lizard and it’s below the windshield of her Jeep. Isn’t that adorable? She said in a tweet, “EVERYONE!! If you have a Jeep, there is a hidden animal on your car called the easter egg, go find it. Mine was a lizard.” Check out her video below. It’s really pretty awesome. This person’s Jeep has a spider that says “Ciao baby,” and for a spider, he’s pretty adorable. Some Jeeps even have dinosaur heads, like this one below. This lucky Jeep owner has a little snake. This TikTok user found a spider on their Jeep. Have you checked your Jeep yet? This makes me question everything. Like what else is hidden in plain sight?