Are You Looking At The Inside Or The Outside? Your Choice Is Your Personality

Many of us live our lives with the thought that what you see is what you get. Really, we don’t have any reason to think otherwise because when we see something in front of us, there’s no reason we wouldn’t believe it. Then again, there are times when we may see something and we start to question everything that we believe. That is sometimes the case will we see a picture that is an optical illusion. The more you look at it, the less you understand what you are seeing.
Sometimes, an optical illusion is just something that tricks the eye but at other times, it may actually say something about you. That is the case with some personality tests that use images to learn more about you and what makes you who you are. For example, you may have heard about the inkblot test that is used by many psychologists. When you look at an unusual blot of ink, you may see something in it that really unlocks what is inside of you for the psychologist to see. Perhaps you have something similar to that here. When you look at the picture, you see a man sitting at a table but is he sitting inside of his house or outside? Your answer to this question will actually tell you more about your personality than you realized. If you see him inside of the house: For those who see the man sitting inside of a house, you probably are somebody that doesn’t appreciate conflict. You would rather get along with someone, even if it means that you have to swallow your pride. Then again, there may be times when you don’t mind sticking up for what you believe, and you might even stick up for somebody else. You enjoy keeping the peace but you aren’t afraid to go to war. If you see him sitting outside of the house: If you see the man sitting outside of the house you are an individual known for your integrity. When you try to do something, there is nothing that is going to stop you from accomplishing all of your goals. You also have a clear conscience because you don’t allow things to get in the way of what you really believe in. If you see him outside and inside: Perhaps you are having difficulty determining if he is outside or inside. That just means that your creative process is very dominant in your life. When a problem arises, you are able to see your way around it and it allows you to accomplish much in life.