Are Your Eyes Sharp Enough to Find the Differences in These Images?

When I was in about the third grade in school, I discovered something magical: my school’s library. The library and my love of reading completely changed my life, just as it changed the lives of millions of other kids around the world. Having weekly to high-quality learning materials and books made all the difference in the world to this lonely little boy because I got bored easily. When I was at the library, one thing that I loved to read was a magazine called Highlights for Children. This wonderful magazine was first published in 1946 by a man and woman who were married. Garry and Caroline Clark Myers were former teachers who had worked at another children’s magazine before starting their own.

The magazine, which is still published, has science facts, poetry, and short stories, but Highlights for Children also has a lot of fun puzzles in every issue. One of my favorite types of puzzles from these magazines is the one where you put two nearly identical images side by side and try to find what is different between them. Try that with the images below.

Image 1

Image 2

How did you do?