Baby Caught Doing CPR To Dummy After Observing Mom’s CPR Training Courses

Something that we are often told is that children learn from watching your actions, rather than being told what to do. This is, of course, information that just about everyone is aware of. Either you have been told about it while you were handling children, or you were the one who silently observed your parents and authority figures as they made their way through their day. Because of this, the importance of maintaining awareness of your behaviour and responses towards certain situations when with children cannot be stressed enough. After all, those little eyes are watching! This, however, does mean that children are incredibly fast at picking up skills just from pure observation. Their enthusiasm and lack of shyness mean they are more than happy to try that cool new activity they saw you doing. Just look at the number of toy cash registers, cooking sets, and tool kits that you can find decorating the shelves at any toy store! All these products exist for a single reason – to allow your little ones to copy what the adults are doing. And really, what better way to teach your child living skills than to equip them with the tools they need and let them tinker away. Especially since experience learned via hands-on experimentation is usually the best kind of experience!   What can be surprising, however, is just how young children can be when they start trying to emulate their parents! An example of this can be seen in a recent YouTube video that has gone viral. This mother had attended a CPR class with her baby daughter in tow. That day, the class had practical lessons, so a CPR dummy had been brought in for everyone to practice their skills upon. Just about everyone had at least one turn on the dummy. Unbeknown to the mom, her baby girl had been paying extra close attention to all that was going on. After the class had ended, the dummy was left unattended on the floor. It was then this little girl wanted to put into practice what she had just learned. To the utter surprise of her mom, the baby crawled over to the abandoned test dummy and began applying compressions to its chest. She even babbles to the dummy to check in on how it is doing, copying how the adults had been taught to verbally check in on their patient! Check out the viral video below:   This alone would have left just about anyone gobsmacked, but this baby girl took it one step further. After a few chest compressions, the baby then began performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitations on the dummy! She then spends the rest of her time alternating between the two actions, just as she had observed. Both her mother and the entire class could only watch in awe at this future lifesaver in the making. Considering she is so young she hasn’t even learned how to walk yet, this little girl is truly proving just how quickly children can learn and implement skills! What a doll!