Benefits Sleep With Lemons On The Nightstand For Just One Night

If there is one thing that is of interest to all of us, it’s our health. We tend to think about it on a regular basis and we even make it a part of our discussions, typically almost every time we get together with someone we know. Sometimes, it’s not about making the big changes and completely swapping out everything bad for everything good, it’s about making little changes that are going to impact your health regularly. Have you ever heard that when life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade? I say when life gives you lemons, you should use them to benefit your health.

Lemons are an often overlooked treat when it comes to physical health. They are packed full of fiber, plenty of vitamins and especially, a lot of vitamin C. They help to control your weight, straighten out various stomach problems and support the heart. Quite simply, if you have a need for something healthy in your life, you may just need a lemon. Those benefits are only really scratching the surface of what a lemon can do for you. Let’s take a look at why a lemon by your bedside can benefit you more than you ever thought possible.

Insect repellent – lemons contain citronella, which gives the lemon the scent and insects hate it. When you put a lemon on the bed next to you, it helps to keep you from swatting flies and it keeps the mosquitoes away. Cut up the lemons and put them on your nightstand but make sure that you replace them before they dry out.

Respiratory health – the level of antioxidants in lemons is off the charts and it can help you with your breathing. When you have a stuffy nose, breathing the scent of lemons can help clear it.

Air quality – most of us don’t recognize when our house smells bad because we live in it but when we put lemons by our bed, it helps the home to smell fantastic. That strong scent lingers in the air and can even cover paint fumes. Fewer smells in the home mean that you will sleep more soundly.

Stress relief – the aromatherapy benefits of lemons are practically unmatched. The clean smell can help to purify the mind and body and many natural doctors will use them for that very purpose. When you put lemons on your nightstand, it helps your brain cells relax.

Extra energy – would you like to wake up refreshed in the morning? Keep a slice of lemon beside the bed and the smell can boost serotonin and make it easier for you to get up in the morning.

Heart health – the antidepressant properties in lemons can help to balance your emotions. This reduces your blood pressure and protects against heart palpitations or perhaps even a heart attack.

Concentrate – when you go to bed, you may not think that concentration is important but it can actually improve the quality of your sleep. Concentrating helps you to avoid stressful thoughts and the scent of lemons can help you retain your focus and sleep better.

Your body relies on you to provide what is needed for natural healing. Lemons are a great way to provide a boost to your mental and physical health. Be sure you keep one by your bedside tonight.