Blind Grandpa’s Seeing Eye Dog Is Hiding Somewhere In This Optical Illusion

One of the great things about optical illusion puzzles is how they can force someone to see the world in a whole new way. You often can’t trust your first impression when you encounter a challenging optical illusion because that’s just what the artist is counting on. Instead, you will frequently have to approach the puzzle from different angles, allowing your perceptions to sniff around like a hound dog searching for the scent. As you allow your mind to relax, the answer usually comes into focus. This is because our subconscious minds frequently have already found the solution. We have to shift our perceptions to align with the right subconci0us frequency. In this puzzle, most people see an older man who appears to have his eyes closed. But, if you look real close, you can also make out the image of his seeing-eye dog. Remember, try to think outside the box. Did you find the dog? Scroll down below to see the correct answer. Here’s Fido! Thanks for playing. Please be so kind as to pass this challenge on to your friends and family?