Boy With Autism Sings Iconic Michael Jackson Song But When The Judges Speak He Breaks Down

It doesn’t matter who we are, we are going to have struggles in our lives and sometimes, we may feel as if we are the only person who is experiencing them. There are times, however, when we see a situation that happens to somebody else and then we realize that life is not as bad as we think it is. That is how you are likely to feel when you watch this video of Calum Courtney. The 10-year-old boy stands in front of an audience and the judges on Britain’s Got Talent. I’m sure it’s a moment that none of them will ever forget.

Many people who get a first glance of Calum will probably just feel that he is a 10-year-old boy with a great voice and a sweet disposition. That is absolutely true but there is more that goes on underneath the surface. He has a mild form of autism and sometimes, he struggles with what life is throwing at him. Even though he may have difficulties, he continues to press on because he has a passion for the things he loves.

Since he is a driven man, he musters all of his courage and gets up in front of a large audience. Even his family was nervous, but they were waiting on the side of the stage.

Everyone was wondering if he would be able to get through the audition.

Calum was asked by one of the judges if he was nervous and he said no. Some of the judges were skeptical but when he gave his performance, it put their mind at ease.

Somebody captured that performance and shared it online. Calum still wanted to take his music further and Britain’s Got Talent gave him that opportunity.

He knew that it would be difficult but it was something he was willing to do.

The young lad prepared for months to get up in front of the audience. He knew that it was more than the judges, millions of people would be watching him on television. He was confident and strong so when he started singing, everyone was shocked at his level of talent.

His mother may have been off to the side of the stage but she knew he was amazing. They couldn’t wait to hear the judges.

You can see his audition in the video below: