Buttless Jeans Were Just Introduced And They Are Horrible

The internet is going absolutely crazy over the new buttless jeans just released by Ragged Priest on ASOS, but not in a good way. 2017 was the year of the thong jeans and now, in 2018 we are continuing on the classy direction we were on, by introducing the buttless jeans, which are in fact exactly what you pictured. They are essentially an extreme mini skirt on the top (with the entire back gone except for the waist band,) and about six inches below the top, the jeans continue as normal. The top and bottom of the jeans are held together with silver chains. The pants are priced at $125. I'm not sure what kind of reaction they wanted by releasing these jeans, but they sure got a lot of attention around them on Twitter. Fox News Fox News The Sun UK went as far as sending a brave model on the streets of London to get the public's reaction to the crotch-less pants. Where obviously, she got some dirty looks. The Sun UK After the whole internet "ripped apart" these jeans all over Twitter, ASOS took the product off of their website, with no comment why or if they intend to re-introduce them in the future. Just when we had high hopes for 2018, it has let us down and it's not even February yet. Would you ever be caught wearing these jeans? Share with a friend you want to see walk down the street with these on.