Can you pick out the problem in under 5 seconds?

this may no longer be your widespread optical phantasmbut the photograph below is designed to check your visual belief — just like how hidden photographs challenge the manner we view the arena around us. This puzzle appears easy however deviously intricate, so put together to impeach your sanity. 

 The guidelines for this puzzle are honest:there may be an errors within the picture under and your task is to discover it. I spent more time than I care to admit poring over every pixel before it hit me. As always, I’ve covered the answer underhowever I accept as true with you now not to peek on the solutions until you’ve given the puzzle your nice shot. Here’s the image! Good luck.


Did you figure it out? It helps in case you examine it aloud, but scroll down for the answer in case you’re nonetheless stumped.

 That’s proper, the phrase "the” is in there twice and your brain just glossed over it. in case you don’t consider me, feel free to scroll as much as the unique image and see for your self.