Can You Solve This Math Puzzle About Fish in Less Than 30 Seconds?

I’m a person who loves puzzles and problems and I love solving them. Also, riddles are great fun, too. Why do people like solving logic problems? The fact is, the answer isn’t really as trivial as you might think. We’re not just looking for something to entertain ourselves with when we seek out puzzles or get excited about a logic problem. People who love solving logic problems often know why they enjoy puzzles. For some people, it has to do with boredom and relaxation, but the fact is, there’s a biological piece to this puzzle (I did that on purpose, putting the word puzzle there). Can you solve this puzzle below? Don’t scroll down too far because we’ve got the answer at the bottom of the article.
Human beings love to be challenged and it’s because our brain seeks out problems. Then, when we solve them, we get a nice delicious boost of dopamine. For example, were you able to correctly guess the answer to the puzzle above? Here’s a clue: it’s not really a math problem. It’s a pure logic puzzle. Scroll on down for the answer.
  1. Fish live underwater, so they can’t drown.
  2. They’re in a tank so they can’t escape.
  3. If they die, they’re still in the tank.
So if your answer was “one,” you were incorrect. The correct answer is 10!