Can You Solve This Short Riddle?

Are you equipped? on this riddle, we are asking, “I stay inside the corner, however journey across the world. What am I?” It sounds enormously indistinct, but we consider that you guys will understand it if you put your mind into it! As usual, we will be giving hints. For the first trace: It isn't always someone. although they are able to sit down inside the corners of planes to travel, as some might imagine approximately, that is not the solution to this riddle particularly. It has more to do with the mailing system, reflect onconsideration on the components of what gets mail across the country. This riddle comes in lots of bureaucracy, maybe the rephrasing of the riddle will help you get to the answer. here are a few different wordings of the riddle: I continually live in my corner, but I journey round the world. Who am I? I sit in the nook even as travelling round the sector. i'm able to travel the world with out leaving my corner, what am I? What travels the arena however remains in a single spot? You’re near, and you need to tag a friend to look if they could get the solution with out your assist or the pointers. Do you observed you have got it? we have the answer for you. simply maintain questioning for a bit longer and we’ll display it. in case you concept more approximately the mailing machine, mail travels all around the world with the use of what? You’re right! the answer is: a stamp. It remains in the nook of the letter and travels the complete international with simply that stamp. humans additionally say postage, and that solution nonetheless works with the riddle. preserve a watch out for future riddles, and congrats in case you found out the solution with out the tips!