Capcom Reverses Resident Evil PC Upgrade Decision After ‘Overwhelming Community Response’

In order to force upgrades of the PC versions of Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil 3 Remake, and Resident Evil, Capcom has inverted their decision.


Unfortunately, the decision was not felicitous as many users and players asked for the old versions to be back as they have experienced performance issues for them because it raised the system requirements.

Recently, the developer of the game has announced on all Steam pages that Capcom got the older version available again because of the users’ appeals.


The older versions can’t be played directly, as you have to do some instructions, that were shared by the company, to revert the games back. After following the instructions, users will have the ability to choose the version they want to play.


Announced in March, Resident Evil 4 Remake for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, will be available along with the upgraded editions next year.


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