Choose Your Pose And We Will Reveal Your Hidden Personality

If there is one thing that all of us do, it’s sit. We may do it without really thinking and it is something that seems to come naturally. There is something that may be lurking behind the scenes, however, that we aren’t aware of. It’s the fact that there is a lot that can be said about the way we are sitting down, especially when it comes to our body language and what might actually be going on within our minds and heart. Experts feel that the way that we sit has a lot to do with that body language, which is something that makes up a great deal of the language that we use to communicate from day to day.

Although most of us think about the spoken language when we think about communication, there is actually a lot more that goes into it. We have our facial expressions, any gestures that we use, and we might even use our eyes to tell a story. Something else that has a lot to do is the way that we communicate using our body, including when we sit. Take a look at the following picture and choose the seating style that you typically use. We will then tell you about your personality.

A: you tend to be a creative individual with a lot of pizzazz. You don’t think about something before you do it, you just jump in with both feet and it tends to work out for you. Most people like you because you are spontaneous but you don’t have many long-lasting friendships.

B: Do people tend to describe you as being a dreamer? You are probably somebody that has a very vivid imagination and you also tend to think about others before you think about yourself. Since you are a good listener, people tend to like hanging out with you.

C: This is obviously not a way that you would want to sit because it can attract some unwanted attention toward you. That being said, you tend to sit like this because you are having difficulty sitting still. You get bored when you don’t have something to do and that may make it difficult for you to stick to a relationship.

D: You are a smart person that uses your rational thought process to get through any activity in life. When you go somewhere, you are always early and you are ready to take on the world. You also tend to be an honest person that doesn’t appreciate gossip.

E: People that sit like this tend to be goal-focused. After all, it’s the seated position of royalty! You care a lot about yourself, your health, and you follow all of your goals to perfection.