Comical 80-Year-Old Grandma Agrees To Go Down Massive Water Slide With A Go Pro Camera

As we get older, we often find ourselves becoming less and less adventurous. Depending on how your youth was like, this can start almost as soon as we leave our schooling or college days and enter the workforce! It really is sort of heartbreaking to realise that, as we look back on our past, we have allowed ourselves to get so caught up with the rat race of life that we don’t allow ourselves any chance to have fun. It can’t be helped, really. One of the biggest problems as a young person tackling the world is the lack of money. While you can go back trekking on an extremely stripped-down budget, it still is something that requires you have a budget and a secure home and employment to return to in the first place. The need for independence demands you work hard for all this, and all that eats away at the time you have to go out and about, making it hard to truly enjoy yourself. By the time you are secure enough, or have achieved the financial goals you were chasing after, it can come as a shock that an enormous amount of time has passed! And with it, our youth and vigour. For some reason, with age comes so much fear of trying something new and tackling the unknown. Perhaps this is why trying new activities or tackling extreme sports for the first time is something that is so strongly associated with the young! Either way, it is a great pity, as this unwillingness to try new things only grows. Either responsibility pile on, or once you are old enough, health issues! Which is why this latest trend of viral videos full of elderly folks defying time to try new activities like riding a rollercoaster is such a wonderful thing to see. One of these videos to recently make its way around the internet is the one featuring this grandma and a water slide! Deciding to grab this dilemma by the horns and tackle this fear head-on, this 80-year-old woman has agreed to take the plunge and go down a massive water slide! Seeing a water slide like this is already enough to put fear into the heart of the average person, so it is astonishing just how brave this old woman is in comparison! It is definitely not an experience for the faint of heart. Although she could have excused herself due to her age, she gamely opts to dive into the experience head-first instead! Her granddaughter is more than happy to support her Nana in this attempt, and has helped her climb all the way up to the very top. There, she offers her grandmother a camera, so the old woman can record her fantastic journey down to the very bottom, adrenaline pumping all the way! At first, you can see the hesitation on her face. Nothing new for anyone who has tried this, but for a woman her age this is quite an experience! But she proves to be a trooper and pushes herself into a ride that turns out to be full of thrills and yelling!