Cops Arrest Mother Who Sent Her Urine Soaked 3-Year-Old To Daycare Alone in Lyft

In a bizarre story, police in New Hampshire arrested a mother of three and charged her with child endangerment after she allegedly sent her 3-year-old to ride alone with a stranger in a Lyft. It’s also said that the woman later left her urine-soaked toddler strapped into a baby carrier, according to police. When police arrived, they said that Manchester resident Stephanie Goddu (age 35) barricaded herself inside her home before surrendering to authorities. The standoff took place two days after police were alerted after two of her children had not been picked up from their daycare.

When police questioned Goddu, they described her demeanor as “incoherent and disoriented.” They said she had difficulty answering questions. It’s reported that police found the 3-year-old strapped in a car seat covered in urine, and his mother had overdressed the child in multi-layered clothing no more than six feet from a space heater. Authorities believe the child would have overheated had they not gotten there in time; they also learned that on January 4, Goddu hired a Lyft driver to transport the child unaccompanied to daycare. Thankfully, the child arrived safely.

Meanwhile, police are charging Goddu with resisting arrest and endangering the welfare of a child.

It’s sad to hear stories such as this; it seems clear that this woman is either severely mentally troubled or had no concern for her children’s safety. Let’s hope these kids are given a shot at a normal life with a responsible guardian.