Cops Pull Woman Over For Having A Man In The Back Of Her Truck – Inside A Dog Cage

It isn’t all that unusual to hear strange news these days. It can come from everywhere or anywhere but for the most part, we can expect something unusual to come out of Florida. When we do here any of those new stories, we often stand up and take notice because we know that we are going to be up against something very strange. That is where this story originates and it might just make you wonder what they were thinking. It started out as a relatively normal day with the police pulling over a pickup truck. The problem was, the truck wasn’t speeding but it was driving around with a passenger in the truck bed. More than likely, the police wouldn’t have pulled them over for that minor infraction but the fact that the man was inside of a dog cage really caught their attention. After they were pulled over, the pictures and story was shared on Facebook and now the world gets to enjoy it. You would think that if somebody had a man in the back of their pickup truck inside of a dog cage, they would expect to get pulled over. The problem is, nobody is really sure why he was in the cage in the first place. Some have theorized that he might’ve had too much to drink and wandered into the dog cage, thinking it was his home. It sounds like a perfectly reasonable mistake. He might also have thought that he was a rabid dog and she was taking him to the vet for treatment. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the truth really is.