Couple Buys Old Church That Nobody Has Touched For Years

If you take a look around the area where you live you will see many old, abandoned buildings. Some of them need to be torn down and some need built from the ground up but in other cases, they can be rebuilt with amazing results. That was the case with St. Nicholas Church in Kyloe, Northumberland. For many years, it sat vacant and nobody was taking care of it. It had been built in the 1790s and there was a yard outside with many headstones and on the inside, and amazing secret was waiting.

When one couple saw the church, they just couldn’t stop thinking about it. They loved it and couldn’t wait to move in. Although they redid many aspects of the church, they also kept some of the older elements including vaulted ceilings and stained-glass windows. They wanted to make the inside of the church livable and they likely put a lot of money into the remodel. When it was over, they had something that really looked amazing.

They didn’t do much to the outside of the building except they did add some skylights. The seating, stained-glass windows and many of the older features of the church were built into the home. They even used some of the older building materials to make a new staircase and seating for the home.

Perhaps you are thinking that it is unusual to rebuild an old church into a home but they were actually doing something nice for the community. Rather than having to tear down a historic building, they built it into something wonderful.

The St. Nicholas Church was built in 1792 and is located in Kyloe, Northumberland UK. It was redecorated a few years ago and then sat empty. When the couple finally came along, they knew that they wanted to make it their home.

They reclaimed the wood from the church pews and roof timbers to make the family kitchen.

There are a number of outbuildings on the 1 acre of land along with a large garden. You will find two bathrooms, two kitchens and two reception areas along with four or five bedrooms inside.

There is a beautiful stained-glass window that is three levels high in the French bathroom.

A super king size bed is in the second bedroom

The main bedroom is on the old altar and has eight stained glass panels.

Inside of the open living space you will find high ceilings, a double staircase and a balcony. Six Victorian cast-iron radiators keep the family warm.

There was a lot of sturdiness to the old building so it was a great choice to make into a living space.

The location of the grand dining room is found in the nave of the church.