Cute Flower Girl Teaches Wedding Guests How To Party As She Boogies Down On the Dance Floor

There are all kinds of weddings out there. Some are very formal and reserved, while others are very non-traditional and wild. Many fall somewhere in-between finding a balance between tradition and contemporary fun. Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of bride and groom wedding dances in which couples would put on some fantastically choreographed displays for their guests. But sometimes, it’s other guests who steal the show on the dance floor. Now, for many adults (especially guys), dancing anywhere is a daunting proposition. As people get older, they become convinced (either by themselves or others) that they “can’t dance.” Sadly, for most folks, this ends up being a lifelong condition that relegates them to watching from their table or holding up the wall. However, for kids, especially very young children, such self-doubt has yet to take root, leaving them free to go for it on the dance floor. Such was the case for one young flower girl at a wedding. Now, for many young ladies, being a flower girl is a job that carries a lot of responsibility. For most, it’s going to be their first time with this sacred duty, so there can understandably be a lot of nervous energy swirling around as they practice to get their job just right. For the little girl in this video, she found the perfect way to blow off steam after her duties were completed. She decided to hit the dance floor and really enjoy herself. At first, she was dancing along to Justin Bieber’s “Baby,” and was more than happy to dance all by herself. Then a few adults joined in, and she briefly moved out of the way of the high-spirited tipsy giants before resuming her solo dance. But once the music changed to “Gangnam Style,” by Psy, the little went into overdrive! The little one danced so hard, her hair ribbon went flying off, but she didn’t care. The little girl knew it was time to party, and nothing was going to hold her back! You can watch this adorable flower girl show the adults what it means to be a real party animal in the video below.