Cute Little Preschool Christmas Dancers Have The Crowd Cheering When They Start To Shake

There’s no denying the cuteness of seeing cute little tykes dancing during a school assembly. And when it’s a Christmas event, you can turn that cuteness factor up to 11. That’s when parents whip out their phones and start recording, making sure they capture every adorable moment to watch over and over for the rest of their lives. Initially, the parents of the children attending St. Elizabeth Childcare in New Jersey wasn’t sure what to expect when their cute little tykes filed onto the stage. Perhaps they were going to sing a Christmas classic or put on a nativity play? It turns out, these kids as something entirely different in mind that evening. The children standing on the stage were all around the age of four. Some seemed a bit anxious, others jumping out their skin with excitement, and a couple waved out to their parents sitting in the crowd. It seemed like it was going to be just your average Christmas pageant — that is, until the music started playing and the little tykes started moving. Suddenly, they began to shake all their small hips as they giggled. The parents were going nuts, cheering and laughing as “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” played loudly in the background. Some of the little ones were jumping to the music with a passion, while others were much more laid back. But, once the video made its way onto YouTube, folks just couldn’t help but comment on these adorable little performers.
“Girl in the front row far left,” said one commenter. “She was into it how she was flinging herself as she danced…to cute. [sic]”
Seeing children on stage performing for their parents is always fun, especially when you have so many giving it their all. And these cute little movers and shakers certainly had the energy to spare!
“I like the middle girl in the front,” said one commenter. “it’s so cute and she know how to do it and she’s singing too [sic].”
During their routine, the children made hand gestures and swayed while holding hands. Now, of course, it wasn’t precisely Broadway, but you just couldn’t begin to measure the cuteness these kids brought to the performance. And for the parents, it was the show of the year! Of course, not every child on stage was feeling the magic that night.
“The kid in the upper left is hilarious,” said one commenter. “he’s like ‘what the hell is going on, I’m not participating in this. It’s a set up our parents will tease us about it years to come ha ha Ha ha ha …[sic]”
While the preschool may have put on this performance before, for the parents watching their little ones that night, it must have felt like a once-in-a-lifetime treasure that they will always cherish.
“Human beings at this age are so darn cute and lovable,” said one commenter. “to bad we can’t stay this sweet and innocent. They make my old heart sing with joy and happiness they are the best of us. [sic] “I really love kids enjoy while watching them…thinking they really love what they are doing,” said another commenter.
On our end, we had the pleasure of watching these super-cute kids dance their little hearts out to celebrate the Christmas season. And you can see that a lot of the children were having fun as they gave big smiles while jamming to a rocking Christmas classic as their parents looked on with love and joy overflowing from their hearts. You can see their previous performance in the video below.