Dad Hears Commotion In Bedroom And Walks In On The Cutest Scene

I’m sure that you have heard the expression ‘man’s best friend’ but have you ever actually experienced the truthfulness of that statement for yourself? We realize that dogs can get along very nicely with humans and they are well suited for each other. 

The friendship isn’t something that is only for adults, however, even young children can enjoy that friendship from the time they are very young. In fact, studies have shown that families who have dogs around young children as they are growing up will form a type of bond so that the children are more likely to enjoy pets in the future. Since we know these facts about dogs and humans, we might think that we know everything that there is to know about the relationship. Some of the things that we do realize about the dogs and little boys is the fact that they can make some strange noises from time to time. There are natural inborn curiosity can cause them to get into almost anything and that is where this story comes in. 

A father heard something strange coming out of the master bedroom and he thought it was best if he went in to investigate. He knew that it sounded similar to his young son but there was something strange about the noise and he wanted to check things out. He went down the hallway slowly and was shooting a video. "I don’t know what’s happening, but something’s happening” he said.

 The little boy is cuddled in bed next to a little puppy. He doesn’t see that his father is standing there taking a video at the time. He is talking to the dog, patting him on the head and telling him that he is a good boy. The boy would even howl like a wolf on occasion.

The puppy would do exactly what he did, throwing his head back and imitating his little friend.
 The two of them were actually singing together. It is something that you don’t see very often and something so adorable that his dad knew that it must be shared. When he shared the video on Twitter, people couldn’t say enough good about it.