Daddy Figures Out A Trick That Will Make His Baby Girl Stop Crying

The wonders of human life and development are amazing. This is quite evident with Tyrone Wells’ baby daughter, Aria. Tyrone Wells is a singer and songwriter who has taken part in the production of 11 albums. He is the type of guy who has fans all over the world. However, his biggest super-fan is Aria.   Aria lights up at the sound of her father’s singing. Whenever he sings, she breaks out into a huge smile and her huge, blue eyes open wide. It is quite evident that she is comforted by the sound of her father’s voice. Whenever he sings, she stops crying and perks up. The best remedy for her tantrums is the sound of her father’s voice. Sometimes, she tries to mouth some of the words that her father is singing. As a matter of fact, Tyrone Wells bonded with her before she was even born. While she was still in the womb, he spoke to her on a regular basis.   There is scientific proof that babies can recognize the voices of their mothers, and perhaps even their fathers, when they are as young as 32 weeks in the womb. So, if you are a dad you can sing, read a story or just ramble on—anything will do. Your baby will hear you and it may help you to bond with him or her. The video of her reacting to her father’s singing is unbelievably adorable.   It is very important to interact with your child as soon as possible. Doing so helps with bonding, as well as with development. Humans were built for interaction with each other, and babyhood is a crucial time when they need it the most for proper development. Experts say that children who are not touched at all can die—even if they are being fed well.