Dancers Take The Floor And Put On Outstanding Synchronized Performance

Dancing is one of those things that I just can’t do to save my life. Seriously, I have so little rhythm that when I’m on the dance floor, I look like I’m doing performance art of a train wreck. And then there are those who knew how to dance before they could even crawl. As babies, some people can hear music and just start moving their bodies in rhythm to it, and they only get better as they grow older. Meanwhile, other people (such as myself) look like they are in the violent throes of an exorcism whenever they try to dance. Maybe it’s a self-confidence thing?  Or perhaps it’s just something some of us are born with. No matter what the reason, there’s nothing like watching someone who can execute smooth moves on the dance floor. And when the dancer is terrific, it’s almost hypnotic to watch them perform. A skilled dancer can take our breath away, and it doesn’t really matter what style of dancing it is. From ballroom dancers to breakdancers, we just love watching folks display masterful control of their bodies to degrees most of us couldn’t even fathom. This is why we were so amazed when we saw a dance routine put on by a large group of high school dancers. They performed a high kick routine that was like nothing we’ve ever seen before. This type of dancing requires incredible flexibility, skill, and strength. They also have to move in perfect sync with not only the music but each other as well. When two or more people can choreograph a dance in perfect sync, it’s almost like they share one mind. It’s truly magical.
The crazy thing about this routine is how the dancers formed many different shapes and stayed in various positions as the song went on. They did leg extensions while in a high kick line, as well as formed squares and triangles with their bodies. They even divided into smaller groups to perform some unbelievable stunts! We’ve watched a lot of dance videos, but this one by far has to be one of the very best we’ve seen. That being said, allow us to let you judge for yourself. Here’s the video.
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