Animal Mom Melts Hearts Of Millions As She Keeps Her Baby Cub Dry On Her Belly

An exquisite moment of a mama otter and her cub become caught on video by means of a forty-12 months-old photographer referred to as Suzi Eszterhas in the water in Monterey Bay, California.
much like every other mom, the mama simply desired to keep her cub dry and heat, so, she slept on her lower back and located her cub on her stomach whilst swimming. The mama even blew a few air into her cub's fur to hold it dried.
The photographer said that seeing otters very near in which she was standing surprised her. Otters live inside the sea and can get their food from eating little animals under the surface. In trendy, mothers preserve their cubs above the water and dive within the water to get the meals for them.
There are more than 3,000 otters living in the coast of California and we are very lucky to see this adorable moment between the mama and her cub. Watch the video below.Share this with your family and friends.