Did You Know A Paper Towel Roll In A Car Window Can Save Your Life?

We use our cars on a daily basis to get is from here to there. Most times, we don’t think much about it. We simply sit in the car, turn the key, and put it in drive. When you really stop to think about it, however, you start to realize just how much we are trusting our cars with our lives. We expect that everything is going to work fine and that all of the safety features imaginable are put in place but is that true? The following video really shows us something that many of us are not aware of. Not only is an automobile a dangerous place to be, you might even call it a death trap. Although we do need our automobiles to get us from one place to another, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to live in fear. By simply understanding the dangers and knowing how to mitigate them, you can really take a huge step toward living life without having to worry about what is going on behind the scenes in the automobile industry.
This video is one that you are sure to find interesting. It shows five different things that can go wrong with your automobile and what you can do to fix them. In fact, some of the suggestions are so simple that you might wonder why you never heard of them before. As an example, we love our power windows. Perhaps you remember rolling a window up and down but power windows are certainly a lot more convenient but they can also kill you. In many cars, the front windows and in particular, the driver’s window is able to go up and down the whole way with only a single push of a button. You don’t even have to hold the button up or down! That type of automatic window is convenient but if it isn’t set up properly, it can also be deadly. If you happen to get your head out of the window while it is going up, for example, it could crush your throat. In order to see if you have a safe window, you can stick a roll of paper towels in the window as you are putting it up. If it is safe, it will detect that something is in the window and automatically reverse. That is only one of the many suggestions that this video has for you. Watch it now, it could mean your life.