Discover What The Shape of Your Fingertip Says About Your Personality

There’s something humans have but never can fully understand — I’m speaking about our personalities. This feature of our existence tends to be shaped over time after we go through different life experiences. Some traits are inherent. Some might even argue inherited. While others are shaped by the people around us and the events, we live through. The images below are of different types of fingertips. We don’t pay much attention to our fingertips most of the time. Therefore it’s natural to assume that everyone’s fingertips are the same. However, that’s not the case. This fun personality test shows the five different types of fingertips and provides information about the personality associated with each type. You already know this is for entertainment purposes. However,  you may be surprised to learn how close to the mark this test can be. Let’s start with the first fingertip type.


A sharp or pointed fingertip is associated with very observant personalities, noticing small details around them. Nobody will pull the wool over your eyes when it comes to more information, as you are a “stickler for details.” You also tend to speak your mind, and while this can sometimes come across as being very harsh, you are a person who profoundly values honesty and lives by that value.


A shovel fingertip represents people who tend to forge their path through life. Some folks might consider you a bit quirky, but that goes hand in hand with your fun personality. You love getting out there to see what the world has to offer, which can put you in some of the most unusual situations.


A square fingertip represents personalities who tend to be more discrete and cautious about things. You are the type of person people can trust with their secrets as you would guard them loyally for the remainder of your life. You also tend to have a quick mind and can see between the lines. You also have an artistic side.


Round fingertips represent those who can coexist with everyone and believes in being harmonious with those around them. People find themselves drawn to you because of your kindness, loyalty, and honesty. You also tend to achieve great success at anything you put your mind to. Thanks for reading. Please be so kind as to pass this story along to your friends and family?