Disgusting Amazon Delivery Driver Caught On Doorbell Cam Spitting on Customer’s Package

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, we’ve all had to take our personal hygiene a lot more seriously. This has prompted folks to start washing their hands more frequently, and using items like hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide to disinfect their hands. And more and more folks have even gone the extra step of wearing masks and protective eyewear when out in public. With a pandemic in full effect, it’s become more important than ever before for folks to guard themselves against possible contamination. However, one big blind spot most of us have when it comes to the security of our health is accepting packages from Amazon and other online retailers. Recently, an Amazon delivery driver in Los Angeles, California, was delivering a package to a residence in the Hancock Park neighborhood when he was caught on doorbell camera doing something absolutely disgusting and possibly criminal. In the video, you can see the delivery driver placing the package down on the porch before casually leaning over the parcel and spitting in his hand. He then takes that same hand and appears to smear his spit all over the package! After this disturbing act, the driver then stands up, reaches into his pocket to retrieve his tablet and takes a picture of the parcel to verify delivery, before walking back to his truck as though nothing had happened.


TMZ reported that Amazon was contacted by a friend of one of the victim’s neighbors, and a customer service rep watched this deplorable act with them. The representative was reportedly horrified by the footage and was even more shocked to see that the person in the video was an older worker. The representative confirmed that the delivery driver did not work for Amazon, but was an employee of a third-party service. However, after the report, the rep reportedly said that that drive may still be out making deliveries that same day. The clip found it’s way to Twitter via Marcus Martinez, a man who claims that he was the recipient of the package. Martinez also captions the video with the following warning.
“WARNING – amazon delivery person spread spit willingly on our package today! Please share!!!!!! I am trying to contact amazon ASAP so please tag amazon if you share this!! I received the box and saw a big wet spot and then checked the camera!”
TMZ reached out to Amazon regarding the video, and a spokesperson said:
“We have high standards for delivery service partners and expect every package to be handled with care. We’ve notified the right teams internally and will work with the customer directly on matters related to their package delivery.”
Meanwhile, folks, if you haven’t been doing this already, please consider opening packages outside your home and breaking down or storing the boxes in a recycle container. I would recommend wearing gloves and disinfecting everything, including your item, if possible. I think at this point; it’s wise to treat every foreign object entering your home as contaminated until disinfected thoroughly. Because as this video shows us, you just never know. Incidentally, there was an incident that took place recently in Missouri where a man filmed himself licking a row of deodorant in a store while saying, “Who’s afraid of the coronavirus?” That man was found and booked on felony charges of terrorism. Let’s hope the same happens to this low-down individual as well!